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To utilize Veterans and skills they have learnt during their service to support state and local agencies along with other NGO’s Search and Rescue operations. 

  • Profiles
  • Para Rescue
  • Helicopter Support
  • Air Search
  • Ground Search & Rescue
  • Training Support


Para Rescue – Veteran Team Members who severed in the United States Air Force elite Para-Rescue unite will provide VTF-SAR the unique ability to place highly trained medical personal on the ground rapidly, in areas that may be unreachable by conventional search and rescue teams. 

Helicopter Support – VTF-SAR will provide Helicopter support to its own SAR teams as well as other agencies and SAR groups. VTF-SAR will have its own aircraft flown by veterans’ pilots and maintained by veterans’ mechanics. 

Air Search – VTF-SAR will provide air search assistance by providing aircraft and pilots to assist local agencies and NGO’s in SAR Operations. 

Ground Search & Rescue – The VTF-SAR team will provide coordinated ground search and rescue assistance. This will include all elements of the VTF-SAR group.

Training Support – VTF-SAR will assist local agencies and NGO’s in training, this will include air and group support. The goal of the training team will be to utilize the skills veterans learnt during their service to provide training assistance to other SAR organizations.

Get Awareness

VTF will use it’s social media and web presence to gain awareness for this program. We will reach out to manufacturers, industry personalities and other organizations to assist in awareness, sponsorship and fundraising.


Mail a check/money order:

Veterans Training Fund, 3430 Polaris Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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